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Screening and Discussion – TIMELESS: (Re)Creating American History
Thursday, March 9th, 2017
7:30 p.m. - Warner Bros. Theater

The History Film Forum takes an inside look at the NBC drama “Timeless.” Each week, “Timeless” takes viewers back in time through America’s rich history to reflect upon the lesser known details of monumental moments that have shaped our country. The adventures of the “Time Team,” which consists of a female historian, a Delta Force soldier and an African American scientist, provide a gateway for conversation around the impact of race, gender and politics throughout the centuries on America. Through the storytelling of the series, ”Timeless” has ignited in its fans a curiosity and passion for history, making it feel exciting, current and relevant, while providing families with a show they can watch, discuss and enjoy together. Join us for a screening of the episode “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln,” followed by a moderated panel discussion by MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts with executive producers and showrunners Shawn Ryan (“The Shield”) & Eric Kripke (“Supernatural”), stars Abigail Spencer (“Rectify”), Matt Lanter (“Pitch Perfect 3”) & Malcolm Barrett (“The Hurt Locker”) and Georgetown University scholar Brian Taylor.


Moderator: Thomas Roberts, MSNBC Host

Malcolm Barrett, Actor

Eric Kripke, Creator/Writer/Executive Producer

Matt Lanter, Actor

Shawn Ryan, Creator/Writer/Executive Producer

Abigail Spencer, Actress

Brian Taylor, Professor, Georgetown University